Wednesday, 31 December 2003

First post.. on the last day of 2003. In 6 hours time, the new year will be here. OK, the present name of the blog, must attribute it to my CB6 gang.. haha, and Sharon for the suku part. Nvm, these people will probably never read this post.

I think I need a blog now.. cos a lot of things are happening around me, a lot of feelings, emotions.. and cos i just got broadband. hee hee. And it's a good time now cos I can talk about whatever happened last week without too much emotions flowing out.. anyway, i can sense that this blog will not be updated too regularly, so if you are reading this, come back in a month or so, maybe there'll be a new post.

Exactly one week before today.. played at eve's church. It was a beautiful night, maybe not to anyone else around then but it was to me. My first public time playing out of the school. Wrong notes everywhere, drowned by piano, looked like future PAP member, timpani played 3beats earlier than supposed to.. but it was still a beautiful night, and it ended too early. Everyone was just so nice.

Last day of the year, must have some reflections.. The year has again flashed past. Struggling with school, although no one seems to see that, I wonder why, troubles with CCA, social life, family and so on.. Also some happy memories, like orientation, Mars watching, christmas eve and so on.. I wish the next year will move slowly, cos I'm afraid of the events after next year, leaving sch system, going into uni, leaving friends again... not too optimistic about those things..
In a very sian mood now, don't feel like doing anything for the next whole year.. just wanna go sch, slack, come home, slack, go out, slack.. don't feel like joining any activities like comps and CIPs and so on.. oh, there's one comp which I want to join, but I won't admit to anyone.. haha, it won't be exposed here.

New year resolutions.. learn to cook decently. Very impt skill. What else? blog more, note down my life and not just let it flash past with nothing left.. Be more sociable? That's probably waht I really need to do.. Haha. And yeah, do something useful with my life. (really jealous of all those people with decent job attachments, they really learned things.. haiz, not like my parkway healthcare) That's about all for now.

If you are reading this now, I'm wishing you a happy happy new year.