Friday, 22 December 2006

Medical breakthrough: Why surgeons are more handsome than doctors

Can't believe channel news asia has this kind of ridiculous news. Entertain yourself.

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Monday, 18 December 2006

I have concluded that the more I do, the more I get done. So I'm going to take a whole bunch of classes and do a whole bunch of activities next quarter. This quarter has just been a failed experiment. Got an ugly mark on my transcript.. ugly. And spending way too much money this quarter..

Life is made of trials and errors, think about it, if the consequences are not too nasty, try it, if it doesn't work, at least you'll know that it doesn't work. There are times to stop and re-examine, but mostly, push on.

Just got back from Hawaii. It's a beautiful place and I've definitely seen the spirit of Aloha. Many firsts, glad I went with a friend cos I'll never do many of those things on my own. I think that 19 and 20 are still a bit too young to travel alone.
Things that I've done:
  1. hiked into the craters of 2 volcanos,
  2. 6h hike in weather that can't decide between clearing up and sprinkling,
  3. snorkelled in a bay created by a collapsed volcano,
  4. watched naked people do fire dances,
  5. watched many hula dances,
  6. bummed on the beaches,
  7. watched a pro surf competition,
  8. hitchhiked,
  9. took a 3h bus ride around half of Oahu island,
  10. saw many beautiful rainbows
  11. saw a sky full of stars
  12. shot a pistol, revolver and rifle
  13. been mistaken for a Japanese countless times
  14. been offered a beer by some random guy

Hawaii is definitely worth going. This trip wasn't very thoroughly planned, but ended up ok. Could be a lot more fruitful, or a day or 2 shorter, but it was fun. I need to loosen up and not get freaked out when things don't go as planned, just let things be, they might end up better than plans. Learn from the Hawaiians: Hang loose. Whatever it means.

Thursday, 7 December 2006

End of another quarter. Time's zooming past. But since I've already realised that, I'm treasuring every minute I have here. Leaving for Hawaii on Saturday. I'm getting the inertia again, just want to slack my time away, don't want to start planning/ packing/ preparing for the tiredness of travel. But I know that I'll be super sian diao if I stay here in San Diego, even if there's my 3 yr old cousin to keep me busy. So this is going to be a travelling travelling winter break. Hawaii, Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Yosemite, San Diego. Daddy's complaining that I'm playing too much.. I worry for my finance after this break.

Finals are over. Another useless set of finals with my cramming for exams and forgetting them after that. I really should learn how to remember stuff in quarter systems. What do I remember of genetics? Nothing. What do I remember of MP3? Not much too. What do I remember of Montaigne? Quite a bit. What do I remember of the bible? Little. Wrote a christmas/ thank you card to my TA, thought it was quite lousily written, but I couldn't be bothered to save it. Since when am I this cynical?

More pictures of Sequoia. The really pretty ones

On top of the Baldie. The baldie is this huge piece of rock where no trees grow. Beautiful view though. Sea of clouds. Wanna jump in?

Everything turning red on sunset. It's the reddest sunset I've ever seen. I know that I have plenty of chances to see perfect sunsets but this is the first time I see everything turning red instead of golden. Maybe the air's different.

General Sherman tree. The biggest living thing on earth. Uncle Sherman here is THE biggest living thing by volume, it's not the oldest, not the tallest, but the biggest, cos it grows really fast and doesn't die. It survived fires and nowadays tourists. It's probably a kid around Jesus' time. Wise old tree.

Monday, 4 December 2006

I just want to cry when I saw the comments. sigh. He wants to give me an A so badly and I want the A so desperately but he can't. sian.. I've lost the ability to make arguments. Why should I work so hard for this dumb thing when people get the same grade or even better from just BS-ing?
There goes the class. What a terrible end to the year. He asked me how I did for the final, I said good, so what??? It's still a goner grade.

I'd better start looking at my kinemages if not I'll lose more As.

Saturday, 2 December 2006

"I sometimes hear people who apologise for not being able to say what they mean... they cannot deliver it for want of eloquence. That is moonshine... It is a matter of shadowy notions coming to them from some unformed concepts which they are unable to untangle and to clarify in their minds: consequently they cannot deliver them externally" ~Montaigne
"Once you have mastered the things the words will come freely" ~Horace

All I have is shadowy notions, no words.