Saturday, 22 August 2009

i feel like i've left a life behind, a really good life, and building up a new one from scratch.. it's not fun.
sunlight somehow gives me hope, and strength.. maybe i'm just being emo, but i become sad when the sun's gone.. doesn't help that my body thinks i'm taking a nap at midnight and wakes me up every 2-3h.

why am i doing this? would i have enough motivation to push me through? who knows..

too many things to do.. things that i don't know how to do.
i'll hold on to every little glimmer of hope.

Thursday, 6 August 2009


our MV.. my 2secs of airtime.. the song's awesome

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Music appreciation

I like songs for 3 reasons
  1. The melody/ chord progression attracts me
  2. It has an interesting arrangement
  3. It's technically interesting

and maybe a fourth, the lyrics are cool.. but it's rare that i pick up the lyrics at all

Most songs fall into cat 1, Jay Chou songs are usually in cat 2, and cat 3 is reserved for songs that i really look into, meaning they have to belong to cat 1 or 2 already. Sometimes when songs drop into cat 3, they become purely technical and i stop paying attention to the musical aspects any more.. and that's sad.

逃亡 is now in cat 3. 11/8
我要的幸福 as well. 5/4 + 6/4
The Moment. Maybe one day i'll get it.