Friday, 27 March 2009


Had some really good conversations this week with friends. Maybe i'm not so hopeless at 2 people convos after all.

feelings or logic? present or future? yes or no?

Being as escapist as I am, I'd rather live in a good dream than wake up and face the reality. Even though the reality could be as good or even better than the dream. I'm not too satisfied with how things are, but am I ready to shape it? Nietzsche wouldn't approve of my inactions, nor would Schopenhauer. This makes me realize that I've pretty much forgotten everything about them. I should stick categorical imperatives on my wallpaper or sth.

I can live with categorical imperatives. In fact, I want to. They're logical. Well, logic was everything to these philosophers. There are reasons these guys cite for coming to such conclusions. They're not the result of some myth where something did sth wrong and was condemned by higher beings forever. I pick philosophy any day.

I'll probably go UCSF. It's not Apr 15 yet but I'm pretty sure of it.

Earth hour tonight. Get off electricity for a while.

Saturday, 21 March 2009


Bought Musicophilia to read on long transcontinental flights.. It's rather entertaining, got me interested in musical perception again.

I've always wondered, how would you know that what you're seeing/ hearing is the same as everyone else? Is there an absolute colour? Is what I perceive as red the same colour as what you consider red? A baby doesn't know an apple is red until someone tells him that it's red. Could the apple be triggering blue light receptors instead in the baby's eyes? And if so, will the baby grow up seeing things completely different from others but not knowing so? Everything red will be blue to him, but he would call it red and believe it to be red because that's what he's been taught. Are we all seeing colours differently?

Protect ur ears. People hear all sorts of weird things when their ears are damaged/ when they go partially deaf..

Have been addicted to music lately.. addicted and affected. THere are songs that make me happy and songs that melt me.. And horrible tuneless hip hop songs. Wonder what causes these reactions. when can i write a melty song?