Thursday, 29 July 2010


There are as many songs about falling out of love as those about falling in love.. Here are a couple to add to the collection, 1st one's dug out from a yr ago, 2nd one's fresh. I hope these are the last of this kind i'm writing.

To listen, click the links below
Locked out
Let it go

Locked out
Sitting right next to you in the car
driving to the shores to look at the stars
I made a joke, you said uh-huh
your mind was somewhere far

On Saturday, I gave you a call
wanted to go with you to the mall
had a good lunch but you were grouchy
Why aren't you happy

What makes you laugh
What makes you cry
How can I read your mind
What can I do
to please you
how can I ever know
I am locked out
I am locked out locked out
locked out of your heart

Let it go


* 但火花从没擦起

Let it go
Let it go
这条路 太多障碍物
Let it go
I’ll let you go
梦醒了 你走了
雨停了 天晴了



Friday, 16 July 2010


It was the perfect day yesterday. I jammed (it was decent jamming, i was surprised at how good it was), I danced (horrible dancing but whatever) and I drank lemon tea the whole day. Lovely. The only prob was that I couldn't sleep. It's been a while since I was so jittery that I can't sleep, maybe there was a night or 2 in this year, maybe not. Last time when i had a jittery period was a year back. Was it the tea? Or was it spidey?

Making music has always made me happy, though my ability to make music has diminished throughout the year. I need to get it back.

Quote of the day: You need to like yourself

Why am I so bothered?

I'm ready to go back to lab.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Things I've forgotten about singapore

  1. It's so green! It's a different shade of green, very new, very fresh. Don't get much of it in SF
  2. The green man to cross road is green! not white
  3. We use so many plastic bags, especially compared to SF where plastic bags are banned from grocery stores
  4. No one says hi to u at the checkout counter
  5. It's so hot
  6. People wear very nice clothes, go out here cannot anyhow dress like going to haight
  7. No one is obese
  8. Can't use credit for everything, in fact can't use credit for most things. I've only used it once so far
  9. People get super high on world cup. Can hear people shouting through my window every time the ball gets close to the goal

The list will go on.. as i discover more

Friday, 2 July 2010

Academic salaries and satisfaction

Read the Nature article here
Asians earn peanuts.. about half of what Americans earn at full professor level. And there are fewer full profs in Asia too. Industrial positions also pays about twice as well as academic positions.
If money's what you're after, be a guy, be in US and go into industry.