Friday, 12 June 2009


I like my privacy. I don't like when living things get into my private space. That's probably why I don't have particular liking for pets. I'm a fish person cos fish live in their own space and not in mine. But went snorkeling and swam with fishes and decided that maybe I don't like fish so much. Cos they have no respect for my space. Things are ok though.

Saw this guy yesterday that looked really familiar, familiar but not as cute as I remembered him to be. Wondered who he was. I want his job, except that I think he doesn't get paid. And I don't qualify any more. Seek opportunities while you can, otherwise you won't qualify any more.

就放肆愛放肆追 放肆去闖
再不去闖 夢想永遠只會 是一個夢想
~ 五月天 - 放肆