Tuesday, 30 August 2005


Will be abandoning this place for a while while I'm floating about in US. Next post might be in a day, a week or a month. Keep checking here k? Bye for now.

Saturday, 27 August 2005

Ended my job as a pianist.. just when I was getting good at it (it= classes that I play for). Found it a lot easier to play for Jasmine cos she doesn't demand so much from her pianist, and well, actually she doesn't comment on my playing at all. So I had to push myself to play properly. Ended my first half feeling that I haven't done my best, so tried to play better for the 2nd half. Finished on time, very on time, then decided to play more cos the piano sounds so good. So played the usual pop songs and GR haha, and kids were popping their heads in like, why is there music coming from an empty studio.. So that's how I ended it all. Felt like it was just another saturday. Oh, I looked through the pianist list again, besides the usual names, I saw Ho Wenyang. Hmm, is that who I think he is? nvm.

Living every day as if i've lived like this forever.. Prob go to the airport and go around US like this, which is a rather good thing. i don't want to be excited, don't want to be sad, just live it as it is..

Got my theory results. Can't believe I flunked transposition. Can't remembe the question, but I probably transposed 1 entire line wrongly. To think I was sleeping instead of checking my work.. Would have gotten 10 marks more if I got that right, and that will mean a grade.

Class gathering at Mushroom pot. I'd rather go steamboat at Marina. Less varieties of mushrooms, no aircon, but much much cheaper. Class people seems to be getting richer, we're going to more ex places all the time, but then, it's the ex places that have good exotic food. Had a driving discussion. Made me feel like driving. Haha, will do that legally soon I hope.

I bought Sophie's World. =) Will read on the plane.

Friday, 26 August 2005

"parents.. dis is for all of you.. i want all of u to know dat we students are nort having a bery great time in school.. so pls, dun gif students so much pressure and expectations.. dere're so mani times we students, feel so upset, lonely, and dis kinda pain is nort wad a teenagers like us shld be feeling.. at dis age, we shld be enjoying our youth.. just like wad ramesh said, when we're unable to find love within de family, we seek love outside.. frm frens.. but as u know.. at dis age, dere're no such thing as true frens.. dats why we always haf frenship probs.. always haf relationship probs.. and when smth happens.. we fall and we get upset.. and we also cant confide in de family.. and we feel all alone.. and i just wan u parents to know dat we're nort as happy as u tink we're. so. parents. pls try to forge gd relationships wif ur children , and nort create more pressure and make dem miserable."
Cut off some parts, but I think it's very well said. Not that I totally agree with it but if I were a good parent, I'll definitely pay attention to that.

"if everyone were to stop EVERYTHING.. and tink for de ppl ard them, dis world would be so much more better"

On a quoting streak
"the as-sers are a bunch of highly amiable people"
Amiable= will rather give way than argue? Amiable= good friends?
Are we? Are we as good friends as we seem to be? arrgh, i can't make it, can't think properly, will stop here..

Wednesday, 24 August 2005

I'm getting a lot of US readers.. haha. Anyway the ISPs that I'm getting nowadays are much more interesting than singnet, pacific, starhub and this singa.pore.net which i don't know is from which company. I got SMU, NUS, astar, uiuc! and many other american servers. hee, so exciting. And on that extraordinarily high traffic days of 13 & 14 of the month, got loads of other strange servers too, and strange links.. If they were monitoring me, they were covering up their tracks.
Taken from AFP article:
About astar scholars..
"The scholars are literally being turned into poster boys and girls of the agency to convince students to take up science as a profession."

About Biopolis..
"The buildings are clustered around a courtyard with restaurants, a wine bar, a convenience store and a hair salon.
There's a laundry that also sells laboratory coats. (so that's what the laundry does.. never knew who uses it, it probably washes lab coats..)
A prison next door where some shirtless inmates can still be seen from the laboratories will give way to the further expansion of the Biopolis, which will also have its own business hotel, condominium and gourmet restaurants." (Haha, i always see the inmates doing "aerobics" in their tiny field and wonder why they're all topless)

Tuesday, 23 August 2005

Sunday.. sent the Wisconsin peeps.. Singapore's really smart to build such huge spacious terminals. The fanclubs pretty much clogged the area up. Monday.. went bao's house stayover, slept for 1+h, went airport again to send donk off. Had a hard time waking up the 2 nus docs, can't believe they can sleep through bao's irritating birdy alarm.. Rushed to airport, and wow, it's 4.30am in the airport and the space near the check-in row is packed with supporters of the mich pple. Q sad, sending pple off, knowing that it'll soon be my turn.. I won't be able to walk off as xiao sa-ly as siew. I suddenly wish that I'm not going San jose but going SD straight, then i wouldn't have to worry abt bothering pple for a week..

Friday, 19 August 2005

oh great, i took an hour enrolling in classes.

1. Calculus & analytical geometry for sci/engine students
2. Intro to law and society
3. Sign lang and its culture

That's it so far.. Didn't really want the law thing, but, well everything else is full. Will drop it if I can get into the psycho class. Waiting to be allowed into organic chem and i just gave up on genetics. Somehow, i'm now a 2nd year student, so i can't register for freshman classes like the music seminar i want but nvm, i just won't take that, or i'll crash.. bleah.. I'm going back to sleep.

Thursday, 18 August 2005

Choices and decisions..

1. Calculus
2. Organic chem (currently full)
3. Sociology
4. Linguistics/ Psychology (currently full)/ Genetics (currently full and I don't have preauthorisation to enroll)
5. Tech and the Future of Music seminar/ Professions in biology seminar (currently full too)

Total no. of credits= 17

Can't believe it, classes are full before I can even start enrolling. Maybe by tmr night, the currently open classes will be filled too. So unfair to people who for some reason or another, I think it has sth to do with surnames, have a late enrollment time!
Don't care, will squeeze myself into the chem class.
2 terms of linguistics, quite waste time but fun. I want to take psychology but the chances of me getting into the class is slim. Should i waitlist psycho? Genetics will be a good thing to take, but I can't enroll in it yet cos the dept doesn't want to accept the online syllabus. And I can't guarantee that i'll get into the class.

I forsee myself waking up at 4.30am on sat.

Sunday, 14 August 2005

A mosquito is hovering around me and biting me. Itchy..

U know what I like about pri sch people? You think they're on the same wavelength as you, they listen to the same Ou De Yang songs, they watch jue dui Superstar and so on.. but when you tell them someone's from RJ, they go, what's RJ? =) You say the same thing to anyone from sec sch onwards and they'll go wah, wee, wow, and all sorts of other sounds starting with W. Speaking of which, there's this eatery opp SMU that had posters pasted all over the transparent walls that goes WAH all over. Was wondering if Jialing owns that place..

Went Yamaha yesterday. Saw ms Goh's studio door open and peeped in. Somehow I was feeling surprisingly sociable, and seeing that she's alone inside, I walked in and said hi. How sociable of me. Yeah, talked a bit. Then went to talk to Mr Tan. Blah blah. They all said the same thing. "How come your mother is not going with u?" hmm.. Anyway, i was getting a bit teary talking to them.. Sian day, cos so many pple pon lesson.. wanted to get some inspiration.. probably got one piece. and, no, i can't copy shane's style of playing. His style is well.. too power for me. Anyway the place was rather empty, so i koped Grade 3, 4, 5 score and played, on a rather old piano. Realised how expressionless I am. For pieces which I have heard of, I could mimick the expression, but for those which I can't remember what it's supposed to sound like, it was so flat. CMI. Banged on that old piano for quite a while, that piano sounded like hammers hitting metal flaps.. I've never explored piano sound as much as I have these days..

Left for Holland V at 5.40. I reached Holland at 6.30. so fast. Great bus. Class gathering. Quite a lot of pple turned up. So ON. We had a great seat beside the window. And since our group was so big, we started colonising neighbouring tables and their cushions and pillows and space. Haha. Hilarious act of the day. HK was supposed to ask for a girl's no., as he rushed over, the girl got scared off, and our whole table burst out in laughter. Doesn't sound very funny. nvm. Sunny is leaving in 2 days time, Tracy has already left.. tickety tock..

Some quotes:
"First reason why girls are smarter than boys is that we have XY chromosomes and they have YY.." huh????
"Oh nvm. Ok, I've got another one. Girls are smarter than boys because girls can wear pants but boys cannot wear skirt."
Ridiculous yet hilarious. Target audience was pri 3-5 kids. I had a great time laughing.

Saturday, 13 August 2005

Countdowns on pple's blogs.. I don't want to count down.
Problems on the other side of the world that will affect me, i have little control over them.. Rather helpless. Really disappointed with the efficiency of the school, but well, can't expect them to be as efficient as service industry, and cannot expect them to take each student seriously and not make mistakes with each student's file..

It's nice to hear from unexpected people, as in people who u won't expect to hear from. Got an sms from Mr tan yesterday, at a time and place that made me look around me and see whether he's anywhere in sight. Freaky, like he could see what I was doing.. Then got a call from Jialing this morning. =) Don't worry, girl, things will be fine..

hk's blog. Something about not being able to play chopin, and the next morning you can do it perfectly. I totally agree too. If it wasn't for that strange effect, I would never have been able to play a lot of things. haha.

I wanted to say sth about blogging. If there's a course on the psychology of bloggers, the social effects of blogging, blogging culture, blogging law or sth like that in my school, i'll definitely take it.
Let me just focus on personal blogs. Blogs, as most people will agree, is a way for normal people like you and I to publish whatever we want. We should be able to exercise freedom of speech in blogs. If a blog is limited to boring recitals of daily activities, there is no point in maintaining that blog. I agree that bloggers should exercise some amt of caution and tact while blogging, but I don't think any of the blogs I know has crossed that line. Please don't reduce personal blogs to daily analysis of the economy. Don't give an example of a topical blog as an exemplary personal blog. It doesn't make any sense at all. Large organisations who wish to track blogs may do so, it's legal, but come on, please track the right blogs. Some blogs are obviously not worth tracking, chirppy teenage blogs abt their bgrs for example are not worth the effort, blogs by ur own employees are probably not worth ur effort too. Why will we risk everything we have? I hope that the target audience of this paragraph will never see this. But if he/ she/ it does, well this is my opinion. And oh yeah, I can make my own lunch.

Friday, 12 August 2005

i have a massive collection of blogs.. will blog about my opinion of blogs later, when i have the time and am in the mood.

If you are planning to give me an early birthday present, or farewell present, and it's anything bigger than what can fit into my very full backpack, please give me before the day I leave, which is 2nd Sep, fri, day after teacher's day, at a very decent afternoon time. But I'll always have space for a harry potter book.. hint hint.. =)

Wednesday, 10 August 2005

Are you watching me too?

Here's a O levels physics question which Chupps will expect us to solve in half a minute. I took 5.

"Feng wants to buy a water heater to boil water in US. If she buys a water heater labelled 220V and use it in the US where the voltage is 110V, what will be the power of the heater in US if its power in Singapore is P?"

How long did your rusty brain take?

Someone just called me my mom's 'son'. Gosh..

I'm living in a danger zone. My mom's got eye infection and the whole family next door got red eye too. Protect my eyes.. See no evil..

Saturday, 6 August 2005

RJ scholarship day.. Quite a number of J1s turned up, I know cos many of them came to say hi to Ms Zhang. I never went for any scholarship/ uni talks in J1.. hee.. J1s always think 2 S papers is so impossible.. J2s always think 4As and merits are so impossible. Come on people, look at your school's A levels statistics, there's a really high chance of getting it. And like all the A* scholars are saying, it's not that difficult to get the scholarship after u make the results.. but then that's the view of pple who have successfully made it through. I'm sure other scholars from other boards might say the same thing, and I won't think so, cos so many of them rejected me.. At the end of the day, it's really get the scholarship which offers u the job that you're interested in. Talked to this guy from junior class, he's really xiao1 xi4 ling2 tong1. He knows exactly who got the scholarship from my class. Wow. I didn't get his name.
OK, some quotes. Intepret it in any way you like.
'“If people have brains, I’ll borrow them,” declares Philip Yeo, who chairs A*STAR, the country’s main science funding agency.' ~ NATURE|Vol 436|4 August 2005
"Don't get stuck in a desk, uniform, classroom job." ~ scholarship talk today

I love my job. No surprise there but I'm loving it more every week. So glad I took it up and so glad that they haven't fired me yet. The kids are so adorable. I can see why SH wants to kiss and hug them all. Singapore's national education is not bad at all. All the kindergarten kids know that the flag is red and white with stars and a CRESCENT moon. They actually know what a crescent is. I learnt that word when I was in P3 or so. And this girl started singing "One people, one nation, one singapore" in the middle of class. So cute. I'm so amused.. Haha.. They wanted to do some hawaiian dance, but I'm too lousy to give them some hawaiian music.. Going to miss them, miss the girls, miss the music, miss SH, miss the songs.. Good thing is that if I ever hear these music again, I'll remember them, the way I can remember my moves now. Yeah right, I can't remember any of the Grade 4 music..

Was playing a rather sad piece. It's still in a major key. I got so sad, I wanted to stop. Mainly because I'm leaving.. in jialing's words "a bit more than 4 weeks".. The class was talking about going to watch a dance on 1st Sep, and I was thinking, i will be on the other side of the planet on 2nd Sep. Well, if you break it down like, go SF first, stay at someone's house, tour around, then go SD, go for orientation, get everything settled, go for classes, make friends, have fun, it doesn't sound that scary.. But if I say, I'm leaving this country, leaving my family, my friends, for an entire year, well, I'm terrified. To the juniors, this is what it feels like if you're going overseas.. Terrified.. Yes it helps to have a scholarship, to have money (hopefully soon), to have seniors, to have a buddy, to have care officers, to have someone to go together with but it's still terrifying.

There are adverts in Parkway toilets. There are adverts for adverts in Parkway toilets. Something like "cheap but effective adverts.. one to one something.." can't remember what lah, go read the adverts urself. So Singapore Restroom association is more receptive to suggestions than NLB eh? We should send our airport proposal to NLB and CAAS again. Oh, there was an ad about some constipation medicine thing in that toilet. :X

Tuesday, 2 August 2005

I have many things to blog about, but I can't seem to remember what..
Ooo.. the radio's playing Say Yes.. Haven't heard that for ages. Very nice songs today, they just played Gigi's dan2 xiao2 gui3

Random thoughts..
1. Death is not an option to any problems. Even if it frees you, it'll create more problems for others.. There is no way to end one's life without affecting others..
2. Friends stay, friends move on, you make friends, you make new friends.. Friends forever, possible. Close/ best friends forever, very difficult. Both parties must be dedicated to work on it
3. I don't want to start packing.
4. I'm leaving in a month's time.

4D outing on sat..
Quite a good turnout, but little interaction.. sad.. On the way home, saw gek cher, zurong, bang wei, vivian on the mrt. We are so anti-social. Said hi and that's it. I thought that zurong, being so gregarious, will initiate a conversation with wenwei and I, but oh well.. They were talking about dhs days too, about kiu's rules against centre parting for guys

Visa app on mon..
Simpler than I thought it would be.. Deed signing.. didn't feel the impact of signing 14 years away

Tea session yesterday..
Let me quote, I'm just quoting k? No opinions given
"... don't mess with us. We have 2 big computers..." "... we receive hundreds of blog [entries] every day..." "... there's no such thing as a private blog..." "... we're still monitoring his blog..."
And about the cows..
I can't remember the exact words, but it's something about people being able to focus and study well in places with many cows, compared to big cities like NY and Berk, where there are too many distractions. Yup. Well, there are no cows in San Diego. Really, I don't think they keep cows in the zoo.