Saturday, 26 September 2009

Wish list

I'm going to draw up a wish list, just in case u want to give me a present for any reason. Will try to update this as I get myself the things on the list. In no particular order..

  1. something to make my room colourful
  2. how about a flower? a live growing flower.. inspired by Ro's orchid.. must be able to fit on my window sill though
  3. a good keyboard.. I'm eyeing Yamaha DGX530. I'll gladly accept any model above that too
  4. IPod touch.. I don't really need one, my mp3 player works fine, it's just all these people fiddling with their iphones and ipods around me..
  5. want to get me a car? I have a garage space all ready for it
  6. or a bike so i can bike through GG park to ocean beach
  7. something more realistic.. a comfy swivel chair with wheels that actually work
  8. a container for hot drinks.. need to keep my drinks hot

Haha. Not like anybody who reads this will give me a gift.. u're probably not even in my neighbourhood.