Sunday, 29 August 2010


spending a lot on shows lately.. nothing has been a waste of money yet

John Mayer concert at Shoreline
1st outdoor concert I've been to. It's quite cool, can see stars, and it's not too cold. It's not too packed and can smell people smoking pot. Owl City, sorry, sounded like karaoke. Maybe he didn't always sing into the mic, that's why. The keyboard/ backup singer has a really sweet voice and he has a violin and cello too. Cool. Fireflies song got firefly lights glowing in the background. Wish he sang Vanilla Twilight though.
John Mayer. I liked this better than the trio concert. Mainly because I know a lot more of the songs he sang this time. They were more mainstream songs, like No Such Thing, Gravity, Heartbreak Warfare, Waiting for the world to change.. The giant screen behind him helped a lot, since we were about a few hundred metres away from the stage. He's a damn good guitarist, there's no denying.. And he can sing. I want a ukelele.

Beauty and the Beast, the Disney musical
It follows the cartoon so closely I'm amazed. The sets, the conversations, it's the exact words from the show. I'm really impressed with the sets and costumes and choreo. Turning sets around to make a new set is brilliant. Mrs Potts' arms can't move much, haha, Lumiere's lights can go on and off, and Cogsworth got pendulum hanging down his belly. The beast is quite shuai. Lefou is really cute. They added a mug clanging dance in Gaston which I really really liked. Be Our Guest was really grand too, can almost match the cartoon. Of the new songs, I liked "If I can't love her" the best. Maybe it's the lyrics, maybe it's the catchy progression, she'll never love me if i can't love her. I didn't like the acoustics that much, the brasses are really loud and the singing was covered sometimes.. but maybe i got used to it after a while and it stopped bothering me =) Such a sweet story.

Sweet stories, happy endings.. too many of them. May reality be as sweet as that
2yrs.. i can't do that. plan of action: inaction.

I never thought i'll say this, but i really miss playing in a group. Considering that I never liked playing bass much, I miss playing it with others. Anyone want a bassist?

"Since when do we dislike ourselves so much that we shudder at photos of ourselves because it looks too much like us? We have to turn our face sideways to take pictures so they don't look so much like us."