Sunday, 27 January 2008

Singapore Complaints Choir for lyrics and the story.

It's quite funny even though it doesn't always rhyme and there's this part where they imitated the anthem.

"All the bus stops have tilted benches" yeah, what's up with that?
"We don't recycle any plastic bags, But we purify our pee"
Pretty weird huh...

And is it just me or do I some people in the choir look familiar?

Friday, 25 January 2008

I'm taking weird classes, as in classes that are very different from the prev classes that I've taken. First, dance class, we actually dance. Then psyc class, the professor does experiments to try to trick our minds every class. Music, the musician tells us weird stuff about composers. You think I'm weird? Go listen to these people, people like Satie who only eats white-coloured food and has 7 sets of the same suit to wear every day. Go listen to their music, like Schoenberg's Colours where a chord is passed subtlely from one instrument to the next. Surprisingly, I'm having fun in the class. And microbial genetics class, the professor thinks he's more prokaryotic than eukaryotic. That's fine, so I have a microbe for a professor. And he's super environmentally active and political. Probably the most environmental activist I've met so far.. which is why I have all these links on the environment and why I've been going for seminars on environment..

Went snowboarding last weekend. Wow that was fun... and tiring... and lots of falling. And I have to say I'm surprised at how fast Jason recovered from his "illness". Snowboarding looks so easy. The kids do it perfectly and we big kids just go fall every few steps. haha.


Some links to share..

Story of Stuff
interesting animation on the amount of pollution we create just by having stuff. Love how they said that America is run by consumerism.. Yup that's what make economists happy, more people spending money, more people getting money, everybody feels rich. Everyone except the environment.. Use less stuff!!

And this...
Global over-population is the real issue

I've always thought the world wars were a way to control population and I thought I was way too heartless. But population is a big problem and every country just want to increase its own population so it could take over the world. Countries need to stop being selfish and control population now, it's not just countries with huge populations like China and India, but other countries as well. Yes aging population in a country causes economic and social problems, but if the human population is going to stress the earth any more than we are doing already, there will be bigger problems to worry about. I totally agree that the president of this country is wrong to not supporting abortion.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Crazy music
The music sounds absolutely insane... Especially part 2. Click on the ear+ music to listen. Crazy 20th century music.. Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire
Blues band on Pharmacology

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Singapore at night

Got pretty pictures must show off..

This is an example of over exposure, look like the sun came out already.

It's Christmas


This is my best fireworks pic. Too bad my lens cover didn't open completely. =(

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Back in San Diego. Back to Singapore over the holidays, I don't feel that I've done much but was pretty busy every day. Meeting friends, running lots of errands and being a tourist. Found some amazing places, Clarke Quay is very pretty at night or maybe pretty's not the word, it's classy.
Chek Jawa is a nice place to see one-armed crabs, I didn't remember their names.. Ok, I think it's fiddler crab. And it's cool that we saw a horseshoe crab too, really ancient creature. Old enough to 摆在那里给大家.
The new park connectors that connect east coast park to the other parks in the east are nice routes to cycle on.. Might do that some day when I feel like biking. And I found out how flat Singapore is.. no wonder I have so much trouble biking in SD.
Underwater World. There are so many more exhibits. All the different crabs, some huge ones (the Japanese spider crab can have a leg span of over 3m), some hairy ones, some ancient-looking ones. It was really cool, wish I spent more time in there. And apparently there was some fish reflexology thingy where the fish bites off the dead skin from your feet. Jessica was very interested in it. I was disgusted.
Check it out

Was reading my autograph book.. Nv did have an autograph book in JC. Should have asked for one cos it's really fun reading them. Found this super funny poem. Here it is..
I'm a fish
You're a duck
I swim to you
To wish you luck.
Ah... I have some funny friends