Friday, 30 January 2004

so long nv blog.. can see that i was really busy, still trying to catch up with my tutorials

stamps soc today, found miss chia is a really nice person, not at all like the white-slip giving woman that she was when she was lecturing us last yr.

did stamps cip yesterday at spm.. cut stamps from envelops and sort out the NETS survey/ lucky draw forms. Learned that: 1. Singaporeans love that butterfly fish stamp. 4 out of 5 stamps are that fish stamp. Boring. 2. 9th Oct is World Post Day. 3. Singaporeans love lucky draws. There were 1.9 mil entries. So you can imagine the no. of stamps we had to cut. 4. Always send lucky draws in big envelops, they are easier to get picked out. 5. Be creative, paste stickers/ pictures/ pizza hut ads on your envelops. Makes it interesting for the stamps-cutter. 6. There's no pt in filling those surveys, NETS didn't even open and see, only those who won the car are opened.

Anyway, I've been leeching on my friends and their parents, taking rides home for the past 3 days. hee hee, feel quite bad.

Terminated lessons at MP. Bye to MP and Parkway. *sob* Hello to Clementi Central. sian. No 900, no cozy studios, no quiet place to think, no Parkway. Clementi. But really can't help it, can't make it on weds, was 20min late the last time.. So I'm going to dread lessons fr now on... not just becos of the location, but because of my lousy impro skills too. 1 on 1 impro intensive maluating training. Nothing but dread for it. And to think I asked for it. rubbish.

feeling that I'm going to get real pissed at either myself or mr tan during lessons.. ending blog on a pissed tone ~ bye

Sunday, 25 January 2004

forgot 1 resolution the last time: not to get angry when people changes my plans, especially if the people are my parents
Back fr Malaysia.. cool trip. Highlight of the trip: firecrackers.

We were at this ulu fishing village, then we saw 2 boys playing with firecrackers, so we got interested and asked them where to buy those crackers. They led us to this store with only one side of its door opened (it's 初二 after all), then when we asked for firecrackers, the lady brought us to this drawer at the back of the store, at the place beside the toilet and dug out the firecrackers. Haha, apparently it's illegal to sell firecrackers in Malaysia.. Anyway, so mummy bought about RM20 worth of firecrackers.. That's a lot.

So that night at 9+, we went to the beach and set them off. It was a totally dark beach, no lights at all except for a bit shining into the resort where we stayed. Cloudy night, so no stars and of course 初二, so there's no moon either. We wanted to start with something less attention-grabbing, so we lit some 火柴炮. They were these crackers that have an end like the matchsticks have that you can strike and light, so no fire needed. They were powerful enough, really loud and bright, and the pieces were flying everywhere. Kind of familiar, like really strong bomb bags (if you've played with them before).

After realising that we didn't attract much attention, we went on to light other crackers. There was this thing that spins on the ground giving off fireworks in different colours before finally exploding. And there was this beautiful thing that shoots off to the sky with fireworks and a whoosh! sound and explodes in the sky. It's quite a common thing in Malaysia, I always hear people playing with it when I'm there, but it's the first time I saw it myself. Then there was another thing that sent 14 flashes of fireworks up into the sky.. Amazing how much gunpowder 1 thin bag can contain. So, we ended off with the most normal kind of firecrackers, the one that they lit at Chinatown. It was so deafening! I was half-deaf by the time it finished, and i was hoping that it didn't do any permanent damage to my ears.. haha.

It was fun. Really fun. If there was a show-and-tell tmr, I'll volunteer to tell. Haha, not like me right?

Tuesday, 20 January 2004

Body World yesterday. Really learned things, not just about biology, but about people too. Body World is really good, worth the $11.. There are things which I really didn't know before, and I know now, like what does a spleen look like, a real tarred lung, the small size of an embryo and the uterus. I've always thought that the uterus is this big organ, maybe even bigger than the stomach... shows how suaku I was.. Oh, I recommend everyone who are interested in the human body to go for Body World.

I loved the ham-like things, they show every part of the body SO clearly, gave me a feel of the dimensions of bones and muscles, nerves and fats.. QQ knows so much, she's a lot better than my teacher in explaining things, and of course, her enthusiasm influenced me.. And felt so sorry for her, always see her PMC, like so shuang, but then, so poor thing, destroyed muscles and the thing between bones... she must have been a great goalkeeper. To think that she's so strong and muscular on the upper body, I was struggling with 1 wt on the chest press thing and she did 3... unbelievable. No wonder she's so violent.. =)

Anyway, while I was at Body World yesterday, DHS sec 4 bio students went too, with Ms Wong, Mrs Phua, Ms June Loh, the bio teacher and Mr jeremy Lim... yeah, I think that's it. Sad, no one recognised me, not even ms wong.. Haiz, and the band people are as usual not taking bio, I only saw 4 ma'ams.

CNY is around the corner, actually it's in 2 days. Don't feel too New Yeary, just glad that there are no more lessons this week.. Guess what, I've come up with new resolutions, here they are:

1) Be nicer to everyone, that includes agreeing more and giving more favours and keeping promises
2) Take that exam in June and do it well, that means practise hard and learn fast
3) Put in more effort for everything, that includes simple things such as tutorials (As and Ss)
4) Make the best of whatever time I have left in band life and RJ life, that means getting involved in a lot of things
5) Learn to talk without stammering or spouting nonsense, that's hard...

OK, enough aims for the yr, they are good to aim for although I might not achieve all esp the first and last. But that's all!

Happy Chinese New Year to all!

Saturday, 17 January 2004


according to my clock here..
printing my 4 copies of report at uncle’s house… taking average 5+ min on one single page… I have 40+ pages. Help.. Megha owes me $12.50 for the printer ink

A tempo: so wasted that we are playing in the school hall. We need a concert hall to showcase/show off our playing! How am I supposed to let the whole hall hear me during 1812?? important line… Gone. Bye bye… Or my beautiful solo in Inn of Sixth Happiness?? Gone too. My condolences to song wee and the oboe guy too. We’ll have a brasses shouting session and upper winds screaming session.. I don’t recommend anyone to come for A Tempo, although we are playing beautiful big pieces, really great pieces like 1812, Inn of Sixth Happiness, Noah’s Ark, Spirited Away medley… Aaargh! All have impt strings part… so wasted!! My heart aches every time I think about this. But mommy said that there are many things/ situations in life which are wasted… yeah, just learn from the tragedy and make the best out of it. Hope we play some nice band piece in Esplanade that involves me.

It’s important to make everyone involved in a project. Like now, I’m suddenly playing such an important part in band pieces, I’m putting in a lot of work. Going for indiv, SP, going early to warm up, practice tone and intonation.. Very good proof. And poning less band. Haha

Poor Christine… as CT rep, can see that she’s stressed, she’s too too responsible. Makes sure that everything is going perfectly. I’m so impressed… But too bad she’s not getting the cooperation from the other CT rep, whose getting his 3 pts for nothing.. What kind of world is this? Hope Ms Lee wakes up and do something about it. She’s the only one who can… Scary to think that Christine’s yr as CT rep depends on her.

You know what? I get excited every time I visit hey, electone is not inside this dict.. must add it in. Haha. Release of info by Yamaha Japan on ELS-1, excited the whole electone world… I share the enthusiasm

Realised that I’m smiling a lot less nowadays. I know that last yr at this time, I was smiling like a Cheshire cat. Yeah, a bit due to Lloyd, “trying” to make me smile, but also because I can sense such a lot of things coming on this yr that I can’t really smile much. I haven’t been too nice to Iris and Nicholas, I confess, I’ll try to be more friendly…

I’m missing lessons already… 1.5 weeks left to next lesson. Can sense the withdrawal symptoms in case I stop.

3hrs of printing. Time now is 12.31am… looking at travel guides, to Malaysia and Ireland.

Thursday, 15 January 2004

Exciting day today.. Launch of latest info of STAGEA, otherwise known as ELS-1C/S. So cool, portable, long keyboards and pedalboard, 500+ voices.. Wow! not to mention touch screen (coloured), internet and dials. It's a gem. and it's not overpriced. Around price of EL900. Just hope it sounds good..

Begin with the end in mind. I don't know where's the end, so how? How to work towards it? liked the assembly talk today, interesting to know what schoolmates think. Stress is good for progress, but it might be too abundant in rj..

Cheated xh today.. haha, one of the few times where I don't feel guilty for lying. Told her I moved to boon lay. Can't believe she believed me. I must looked too honest.

Realised that I'm going to get 0 leadership points and full for all other points. That will look totally bad on testimonial.

This entry is really lousy. Anyway, can't think any more. Must go and edit my TERP report, and fill in forms. Meeting prof at clementi mrt tomorrow, so strange..

Saturday, 10 January 2004

"Well," said Pooh, "what I like best," and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called. ~A.A. Milne

This is exactly what I feel about concerts and other nice things.. Exactly what I was trying to say to tim. Only this is put in a really beautiful way.
Realised why few people uses backgrd images for blogspot. The image don't come up all the time.. Anyway, if you can see the backgrd, don't you think it's so pastoral? Like somewhere you'll find sheep grazing, baa-ing, lazing? So suitable for the Dolly theme..

Went for OG dinner on fri, which was coincidentally O-nite, and the anniversary of the last OG outing that I went for last yr.. that's how off I am. Saw my OGLs, saw how sure they are of their lives. Sarah wants to study music and lit, that's so lyrical and so her. Saw my OG mates, saw how much they have enjoyed/ integrated into RJ life. Dom knows just about everyone in the sch, Leqi training so hard that she can prob lift hk up without a drop of sweat, Danny as eloquent and charismatic as ever, Shuang Ning in the Guitar com.. Made me feel that I have accomplished nothing.. which is rather true. It shows that if you try hard enough, want it hard enough, you can succeed..

The photographer video was enlightening. To get sth, you must have a vision, practise/ train for the job, be ready and patient, and grab the opportunity when it passes by. I always move too slowly, can't decide on the vision, and when the opportunity comes, I wait too long, after everyone has grabbed, I realised that I have nothing left.. I always think that there'll be another chance, but there might not be any more, or not in the near future. I can't even count the no. of times just this yr, that I let opportunities slipped thru my fingers.. (like the discussion of music resolutions, reps, arts fest role...) I must be more decisive w/o hurting others. That's a little difficult, I realised.

Been reading people's blogs.. It's amazing how much you can learn abt some people that you think that you already knew quite well. For eg, I could hardly recognise eve from her blog, wenwei's too. It's amazing to see how innocent-looking, blur eve thinks so much, no wonder she always aces her essays.. which reminds me, I have a philosophy essay to write and I still haven't figured out the title of it.

Wednesday, 7 January 2004

Blogger and singnet sth wrong, I cannot go to any blogspot site. Can't read anyone's blog, including my own.. Think that the bkgd is not showing up for some strange reason..

First band prac of the yr, learnt some interesting things fr christine, gave me some new perspectives, but I still can't adjust to this kind of talking about people kind of thing.. Felt strange afterwards when I talked to her, tried not to be too cold, but seem faked.. Just got unofficial invitation to join SWS.. might consider

A lot of things to think about suddenly.. about philosophy, democracy and my own probs like what I want to achieve this yr, whether I should stop lessons..

Met Yvonne's mom today. What a coincidence after about 5 yrs? Haha, hope we'll actually contact each other.

Monday, 5 January 2004

Haha, did the formatting. Thanx wenwei for the template site. =) Thanx xx for the tagboard. Please tag, everyone.

Stained my shirt with chlorophyll and carotene today.. Big spots running down one side of my white shirt. Hope it's washable.. if not I'll have to buy a new shirt.. =( Anyway, my chromatography looks great, although I forgot to mark down the solvent front and got all the RFs wrong.

Like this year's GP topics, although they are really really deep and difficult to master, I really wanna know more about these topics (religion, philosophy, arts & culture...). Have been wondering for a long long time why people have religions and what are philosophies and so on, trying to find out the ans through some Christian friends, don't really understand it yet. Maybe the research through GP will help.

I'm getting more vocal!! I finally told someone about my impro/ GP essay theory.. though I don't think the person understands, her GP is too powerful. And I actually told sunny about my fear of committment. Can't believe myself.

This yr's timetable really sucks, I won't have time to practise any more.. sad. Life is boring when there's nothing to look forward to. And it's worse when there are things to dread.. like the first PE lesson, I can forcast the conditioning.. Anyway, I'll look forward to Wed, when there's little lessons, band prac and organ.. =)

Sunday, 4 January 2004

Finally got to use the comp.. trying to repair the Win2000 for the whole day.

School's started, but no mood for school. Dreamt through lecture on fri, think I'll dream through tomorrow's animal histology too.. I was looking forward to school reopening last week cos I was so bored by the last few days of hols when everyone stayed at home to finish up homework.. but now that school has started, I don't like it at all. As I often say, there's something wrong with the school system, or maybe just the RJ system, it doesn't make me look forward to school, I don't dread school yet but I might when the term progresses.. Anyway, I've decided to be as positive as possible this yr. =) Oh yeah, bao's in Malaysia and skipping sch!! I want to skip too!

As eve said, (looks like eve will appear on my blog a lot, haha), the more you enjoy your hols, the worst sch will feel like. I agree totally. I realised that I don't put in my best for a lot of things cos I'm afraid of the loss if the thing fails, or the withdrawal symtoms when the thing succeeds and is over.. wish I could change that.

Friday, 2 January 2004

I'm getting really frustrated trying to format this blog. It seems impossible.. haiz..

To my friends reading this, you will find out through this blog that I'm a really shallow person.. You might grow to dislike or even hate me. But it's Ok, I want to let you know who I really am. so if I gave you this address, you are a friend whom I don't mind showing my real self to. Honoured?