Friday, 31 December 2004

Happy birthday blog!
happy new year to everyone else.
May all your wishes come true... may all my wishes come true too..

Wednesday, 29 December 2004

Teachers are Amazing creatures

I really think so. They can just give such inspiring advice so easily. And they are real good at summarising and recaping key points. Can I be an inspiring creature as well? I really don't know. It's scary, overwhelming, but, haha, it's not up to me now. What would I do with a bunch of Normal (Tech) kids? I wish I knew. She made them sound cute.
Gosh, I don't know anybody from Normal(Tech). Do you?
Imitate good teachers, learn from others, improvise, get everyone's attention!! Play and have fun..

And yay! I'm done with US essays!! Great achievement. And yay! I've finally put 20min of my playing on a CD. Yay!!
haha, someone said I have a sciency look. I wonder what that looks like.
I should change the template. It's outdated and user unfriendly and it doesn't look like something I'll use..

A Fisherman of the Air: I'm Definitely Better Than You.

A Fisherman of the Air: I'm Definitely Better Than You
I actually forgot to blog about Sleeping Beauty on Ice. It's fantastic. The costumes are so beautiful, I would feel like a fairy too in that fairy costume, if i can steal it and fit into it. The choreography is very good and the performers are superb. Even though I watched the cheap matinee show where obviously they won't use their best performers, the show was still fantastic. If you are still a student, please go and watch it. It's only $40+ for any tickets in the whole theatre, very worth your money, especially if you like watching ice skating.

Everybody in the region is talking abt the earthquake and tsunamis, it takes up almost the entire half hour of news, and almost every Asia-Pac blog i visit talks abt it, except for those teenage blogs tHaT lOoK lIkE tHis..


A tsunami is not a single wave, but a series of travelling ocean waves generated by geological disturbances near or below the ocean floor. With nothing to stop them, these waves can race across the ocean like the crack of a bullwhip, gaining momentum over thousands of miles.

The waves are generated when geologic forces displace sea water in the ocean basin. The bigger the earthquake, the more the Earth's crust shifts and the more seawater begins to move.
In a tsunami, waves typically radiate out in directions opposite from the seismic disturbance. In the case of the Sumatra quake, the seismic fault ran north to south beneath the ocean floor, while the tsunami waves shot out west and east.

Tsunamis are distinguished from normal coastal surf by their great length and speed. A single wave in a tsunami series might be 161km long and race across the ocean at 966kmh. When it approaches a coastline, the wave slows dramatically, but it also rises to great heights because the enormous volume of water piles up in shallow coastal bays. -- AP

Pictorial explanation of formation of tsunamis

The confirmed deaths in a mammoth Asian quake and tsunami soared to 58,000 on Wednesday as worst-hit Indonesia readied bulldozers to dig mass graves for corpses in a rush to ward off disease, which the UN health agency said could double the toll.
The earthquake occurred at a spot where the Indian Ocean plate is gradually being forced underneath Sumatra, which is part of the Eurasian plate, at about the speed at which a human fingernail grows.

Did RJ physics dept predict that a tsunami will form? It's something the physics teachers can brag about next year..

Tuesday, 28 December 2004

Haven't been blogging for ages, mainly because I didn't have the comp to myself for long last few days, sharing it with my parents. Not very convenient to write long stories then.

Massive earthquake affecting everyone, even Singapore, been raining non-stop ever since i opened my eyes today. Raffles has been a really good geographer, chose Singapore, an island at such a good location. Every country around us has been hit by the earthquake, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thai, Sri Lanka.. and all we felt was a little tremor and some rain, well, a lot of rain. Sad for those people who lost their homes and friends and relatives. Kind of strange because it's happening so close to us but we don't feel much, not that I want to lose my home or friends or relatives. Of course not.

I think interviews are useless, I won't go to any more unless they are compulsory.

I have a saturation point for good food, and the point isn't very high. Any food that tastes better than my saturation point, well, I can't appreciate it. Been eating a lot of good food recently, think they are wasted on my tastebuds..

Thank you all for the Christmas cards and Christmas greetings. So nice to open the mailbox and see so many cards. Haha. And everybody used that fish stamp. haha

Wednesday, 22 December 2004

I'm a cheaterbug, I peeped at a reference. Couldn't help it. Envelop was too lousy. I had to change the envelop, and while i was changing it, i peeped. Aiyah, they should all do it the way RJ seals envelops. Make sure that i can't open it. Anyway, the rec is so truthful and direct that it hurts. Ouch. So so true, so descriptive of me. Nothing fanciful, just me. No chance liao.. haha

After all the excitement on HKUST, i'm going to miss the application deadline cos I can't ask miss lee to write my rec now and send it within the month right? *sigh*, and for HKU, there's a personal statement, which is detering me from applying. Guess I won't apply hong kong after all. I'm sick of applications. Hope i get into UC, and solve most of my probs.

On second thoughts, the rec is not that bad lah. I like the last sentence. I hope he really meant it...

Monday, 20 December 2004

Talked to a stranger. I've known him for let's see half an hour and hear his wisdom:

唸書很辛苦, 我知道, 書永遠看不夠, 也唸不完, 但是唸對書確很重要.
找對老師, 進對學校, 考對系, 就是要念對的科系.
很多學校學的後來在社會上都派不上用場, 但最主要是去學習研究的方法和觀念, 會影響你將來工作的態度和作為.

Basically summed up all there is to an undergrad education.
My mom will freak if she finds out I'm talking to a stranger at midnight.
Found shane and renee's blog by accident. I won't read that again. Makes me a bit jealous of the talent and opportunities and friendship some people have..

Not in the happiest moods.. I should create a law of ups and downs, or more chim, it'll be law of elevation and depression. When you jump up, you land and dig a hole in the ground. The higher you jump, the deeper the hole will be, and the more time and strength you need to climb out of it. Yeah, life is a sine curve, it goes up a distance and goes down the same distance, only difference is that the x-axis has been adjusted, and you can't find out when you're going up or down..

The moment before dawn is always the darkest.

Saturday, 18 December 2004

Do I look like I can be a good teacher? Why does everyone think that I can teach?

Yesterday, Sunny's party. Sunny's house is so huge, at least I think so, and there was sooo much food. Great food, her parents are, i think a bit too 热情, wonder how many days they'll need to finish up all the food. Parents should keep in mind that teens nowadays don't eat much, especially the girls, they eat pathetically little, maybe to save food for the African children..
It was supposed to be a sad parting, we won't see each other until, theoretically, March, when the results come out, but it didn't seem to end any differently from other class outings.. Haha, guess we know that we'll just meet up some day anyway.

Wish I got acceptance letters instead of rejection ones.. will feel so good to know that some school will take me next yr.

Today was less boring than I expected. Cos there was a lot of singing and the kids were really cute, and my teacher was nice enough keep me entertained throughout the long speeches. And as usual, there're lots of friendly people around who say hi and thnks to me, even though i don't know any of them. Sorry to say this but I really wonder how many people in there really understood all the words, their Chinese must be really good. And Beef, I met your secret good friend. Haha. Not a secret any more.

My teacher was talking abt the types of students that he teaches and i think I'm the type who's a bit 钱多没地方花. Sometimes i really wonder why i go on and on and on, sometimes i think i should just save up the little money that I have for uni.. since, i can't go far in music anyway. Well, at least he claims that he doesn't put me in that category..
I think that I have made 1 wrong move in my music career, and I've moved in that wrong direction for too long before correcting it, so it's extremely hard to get the direction back again, i'll have to start from the beginning again. Basically, I can't have a music career, even if i want to...... Sometimes parents are right

Imagine my shock when I heard that the woman who wears leopard skins is Iskandar's wife.. my jaw dropped, literally..

I'm lousy, i believe i'll get what i want if only i ask.. but i just 开不了口.. And there's so many things that i want now. Darn

Thursday, 16 December 2004

extensive blogging today.
Will be playing at evelyn's church this sunday, if you are interested to come watch, contact me.
OK, my book's found. Yup MG's there and it's with her now. phew..

Wednesday, 15 December 2004

I am an absolute idiot. How could I have lost my book? Hope it's still there and nobody koped it. Great, now nobody i know can check if it's still there, hope no strangers use that place, pray that MG's there.. urgh, how careless of me!!

Wednesday, 8 December 2004

Hong Kong

Went 香港,深圳,广州 and my Cantonese has definitely improved. Think I've got my Pri 2 vocabulary back..

Hong Kong: everything is tall and narrow. Tall buildings, narrow streets. Although air isn't very clean, Hong Kong looks colourful, especially at night, not like China where everything is gray and gray. Christmas lights are more fantastic than usual, they actually move. The Avenue of Stars is well, a mini Hollywood Walk of Fame, for HK movie industry I guess, and a lot of the stars are already dead.
HK People are so 自动,on escalators, everybody just move to one side, leaving a clear passageway for those people who like to walk up escalators. Kindergarten kids look so cute in tiny blazers. Bet I looked like that when I was that age. =) People are really efficient, shops are super professional, even the tiny ones, like a 五金店 will sell every nail and screw and whatever you'll ever need. Went to buy jeans, and the shopkeeper knows exactly which pair will look good on me. I tried on a few other pairs and none of them looked as good as the one he recommended. Amazing people. Hong Kong immigration officers look real good in uniform, and they are actually very friendly. They smile and talk to you. Breezed through ID making the first day. Singapore immigration will never be this efficient.

Went 香港大学,科技大学,中文大学. HKU is well, rather old. It actually has architecture, not like NTU which in my opinion is just cement blocks plunged onto the ground. Was peeping into the rooms and actually saw an electronic organ in one of the music prac rooms. A really old one, one of those cardboard kind i used to play when i still had a single digit age.
HKUSTU is really new and looks so good. The view from the school is really breathtaking. The school is on a hill and overlooks the sea and 新界. The campus is on the slopes so moving from one block to another may means taking the elevator down 10 floors. Happy climbing if the elevators break down. It's a campus that I really like, it feels very welcoming.
Chinese U is in a real ulu place, actually i didn't notice much about the school cos i was quite tired then and it was some master's graduation there on that day so there were people wearing those graduation robes everywhere and somehow I always get asked to take photos for people.

Tuesday, 7 December 2004

i shall stop being cool and show more emotions, show that i'm enthu and excited when i am..

sunday, grad nite
Spent ~$250, compared to ~$70 for DHS prom.. grad nite should be renamed dress nicely and take photo night, cos that's probably what everyone did.

ok, yesterday, qq's outing
kboxing.. sang pretty much every nice song on the list, nice to have people who likes diff kind of songs, then get to listen to different types of songs.. Found out that qi qiong has such a great singing voice, she should sing more often. Too bad if you were not there yesterday. She's really good.
Then went Singapore River + Fullerton, Fullerton looks so gorgeous, all the Christmas decor made it look so elegant.

found out so many things.. haha. Went NUS, walked around, got bored and went Jurong Point to meet xx and eat.. her logic was that since we're in the west, might as well go all the way to the very west, so we had a journey to the west to Jurong Point.
then went for music lesson, my first ever theory lesson in my life, can't believe it, how did i pass through all those practicals without theory. So nice of my teach, specially went mp to teach me. haha. anyway, saw ms goh again, so qiao, she was using his studio.. found out why they are such good friends, they were once classmates, interesting, which means he's really old, should hurry up get married. Beef, please go and ask him to choose a girlfriend and get married soon.

oh yes, i must not regret my decisions, no regrets, cos i made my decisions with my brain and not with instincts, so it's a human decision, not an animal one.. i'll probably know if it's wrong, few yrs later, especially if i take up a scholarship.. oh shit, really think i'll regret this..

sheryl was saying sth about singaporeans getting robbed and mugged overseas. I don't think I'll be robbed or mugged, I think I'll be cheated, badly. And I wouldn't even know that I've been cheated, will probably think I zhuan4 dao4. I must learn to say no. No, No, No.. Hope I wasn't cheated.

Sunday, 5 December 2004


or you can always wait for me to invite u to the album

Thursday, 2 December 2004

Somehow I get this feeling that people expect me to say something in some situations and I stupidly not say them, like I don't get the hints.. and i get this feeling that people think I expect them to say something when I actually don't.. Went see my teach yesterday, and felt that we were talking in 2 levels, the spoken conversation, the "hi how are u, now very free" and so on, and the underlying, "i think u want me to say this, u think i want u to do this" conversation, actually I didn't really bother reading into his conversations, but I guess he read mine, though I actually didn't mean to say anything more than what I said. if I give hints, I'll give them openly.. I'm too lazy to think nowadays.

Don't understand how people can enjoy shopping..

Firefly interview. If I were the interviewer and I knew me well enough, I wouldn't give me the scholarship. Well, I'm glad I found out what they are looking for.. and I don't think it's me.