Monday, 27 September 2010


  1. kite
  2. a potted flower plant
  3. keyboard scores, film scores will be nice, or anything that sounds impressive
  4. board game, since i'm addicted now
  5. ukelele haha
  6. experiments that work
  7. to play in an ensemble/ band

I like good surprises too =)

Sunday, 26 September 2010

So long and thanks for the fish

It comes in waves. There are days when I think of him way too much, and others when I can't imagine we were ever together. I guess this is it. Thanks for the fish. If only I'm a dolphin.

Addicted to board games lately. Agricola and Puerto Rico. It's fun to use brain to do something else other than thinking up good experiments. Planning strategies that last for a few turns is much less stressful than planning expts.. With board games and dance and meeting people for lunch/ dinner, who has time for reminiscing? What is there to reminisce? go away..

Gave my first lab meeting. I guess things can only go up from now. Every lab meeting will be better than the last. I will know more about my topic, have more data and answer more questions adequately. It's a strange relationship I have with my PI. I tell her about my failed expts hoping that she'll have suggestions to right them. She tells me about her failed expts hoping, well, I don't think i'm too helpful. I also need to be able to argue my point without getting emotional. And I'm on my way to losing my crappy US accent