Sunday, 30 October 2005

First, thanks to the little monster for calling me. =) Everyone around me was really asking me to hang up on you cos I didn't know who was calling me. Haha. Oh, it's quite freaky that the Yamaha woman knows who I am, really freaky.. There's only 1 person at the reception whom I know really knows me, don't think it's so qiao that little monster went to her. I thought my profile was low.. And Yamaha didn't pay me!

Jap food was good, the sushi was very very good.. And we had green tea ice cream. =) I'm addicted to carbs. =) Went to Haunted Trail to get freaked out with Dennis and Desmond. As usual, there were a lot of people, so we waited in line for a long long time.. 3h? Probably. Started this ridiculous story on 3 UCSD students out on Halloween night meeting 3 monsters, where each person adds a line to the story. The story developed and mutated till it's just so confusing, when all the original characters left and were replaced by new characters.. Characters include, Sabrina the teenage witch, Harry Potter, Batman, robin, Michael Jackson and little boys, the evil chancellor, the zombified grad population, the govern-ator and loads more. Sort of a comic characters gathering.. too bad I don't know many of those things well. Watched a scary movie while waiting, forgot the title, but it was a really funny scary movie.

Haunted Trail wasn't as scary as Knott's Scary I think. But the atmosphere was better, the place is naturally dark and spooky.. The scary things came really really close to us. To me actually, a lot of things attacked me.. There was this monster who just refuse to let me pass. Stood right in front of me and did things to threaten me. So I said hi and asked him politely if he could let me pass. And he said No. Stupid monster, I don't even know what it is. Made me uneasy.. luckily desmond helped me get past it.

Strobe lights. Creating visual illusions, like everything's not moving continuously. I walked into a wall in that maze. While the chainsaw guy was chainsawing right next to me. I don't know how he knows where I'm going to move soon, I sure don't know cos I can't see, but he managed to not saw anyone..

I sure hope the stargazing seminar will not be cancelled.

Friday, 28 October 2005

Blogging just because I'm sian. Hee. So this is prob a bad post, and you shouldn't read this.

Thinking abt what beef said. Yup think I recall the NUS people complaining that it's hard to make friends. Agree totally. But well, the Americans have not had a class the way we have since high school, and they're surviving fine..

What I did today. Went to class. Crashed this lecture on some philosophy which I think was really good. But I would have no ideas how to take notes if I'm taking that class. My this term courses are all very note-taking friendly. Anyway, some questions that I've been thinking about. These are nowhere near the main pt of the lecture, but just some random thoughts that popped out. Do writers write things meaning to have secondary levels of meaning? Do we, as readers, sometimes interprete more than what we should? I mean, there are books on the philosophy behind Harry Potter. Did JK Rowlings intend her books to have such philosophy, or are those philosophy just so natural in our world that she can put them in unintentionally and we are now analysing them? Do we overemphasise some unimportant points when we read and analyse literature? I know I do it all the time for GP evaluation question. Haha.

Ok, enough of serious stuff. That's what happens when there's too much time and the brain is free to think of rubbish, guess that's what philosophers do. Anyway, I submitted my ICAM minor declaration today. The name is so fancy, Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts. So hopefully I can take Music acoustics next quarter. It's a Friday, and I'm bored, so I went to the one of the general prac rooms to play piano. It's a great place. Not very soundproof, so there's no eerie eee sound, there's a mirror, it's big enough, there's no handphone reception and no one will enter if I put my name on the door, so yup, if i'm inconsiderate enough, I'll go study there next time. Oh yeah, it's a Yamaha piano too. So played a while. I need to practise chords in different keys. Absolutely at a loss when trying to play in Db and E major, and somehow every song is in Db and E.

Then went back, and tried to study, but my mom called and so i didn't manage to study. I need to catch up on my psyc class, she was going at supersonic speed the last time, on sex hormones, a topic which we didn't touch on in JC. Anyway, went to eat, food was good today. Had Italian food. Then went with my roommate to the train station to pick her friend up. I WILL check the bus schedule next time I go somewhere cos the buses are actually quite accurate, and if we had checked the schedule, we would be eating somewhere in Solana beach instead of wasting so much time waiting for the bus to come.

People who are not going to read this, don't swear at me. I know you're angry at some things, some things unrelated to me, and you probably need to let off your anger, but don't f or d or s at me, it gets me in a bad mood.

Thursday, 27 October 2005

Due to some extremely bad planning, I'm back in my room now. There are 4 things on my organiser for things that are happening tonight and I'm supposed to go for, but I think I'm only going for 1, due to my extremely lousy planning skills.

My friend's getting an interview at Salk's tomorrow. She's freaking out, and asking me all sorts of bio lab questions.. This US education system is so strange, some people can go through high school without taking Physics at all. But ok, I went through "high school" without taking history or lit, which is really a pity.

I took off the last para of my last entry. It sounded a bit.. um, too desperate, for me. So, um, thanks to all those who responded. Appreciate it very much. =)

Plans for everything, especially abt holidays, are getting wrecked.. grr..

Fasting tmr.. Just for fun.. Hope I stay alert in my Maths quiz.

Tuesday, 25 October 2005

I'm going to take some precious time off my reading about sleep, organising my sign language notes, reading Brave New World, to blog.

Evaluation of university life overseas so far. It's the 5th week of school. I've been out of home for almost 2 months. I can't believe I've been out for so long already. People asked me if I'm missing home, and I heartlessly say no. It's true. I don't miss my bed or my room or my ubi home.. Don't miss my parents much, surprisingly.. I miss being able to play my canned pieces and getting more canned stuff though. So people will ask, you're enjoying life here? And my answer will still be no. Life here is, I suppose, good. Academics are ok currently, before I get absolutely bewildered by the Math text and start falling asleep on all my Tues & Thurs classes, I have a nice bed, suitemates are nice people, there's a group of highly helpful seniors, food-wise, I'm not very particular anyway, and from my blog, it seems like I have been doing lots of fun stuff. But.. there's just something missing, and I don't know what. I'm not always happy, even though there isn't much to be unhappy about. So far the only missing things I can think of is a bunch of crazy ASsers who make me laugh so much and my weekly dose of playing with/ for people..

I used to love my Saturdays, cos when i was in J2, there was band (oh, i liked band in J2) and music class afterwards, even though sometimes music class is extremely brain-draining, and also because I usually go out on Sat evenings and not worry about the amount of S paper work I have to do the next day. Beginning this year, I like Saturdays, because it's a break from my boring attachment and I see my friends, whom I haven't seen for ages. After I stopped my attachment, I liked Saturdays because I got a lovely Saturday job, a job which I really looked forward to going to, a job which they didn't pay me and i can't be bothered to chase them, when I really should, cos the money I got can easily buy me another textbook. Now I don't have Saturdays to look forward to, because Saturday is just another day of the week. Fullstop.

Generally sian diao. Even though there isn't an alcohol problem here, people I hang out with are nice and harmless, I'm sian. When can I move past the acquaintence level to the friend level? When can I move from the, sorry bad example, GMfoodclub/LTG level to the AS/CB6 level? (um, in relation to me, I mean) I'm taking a interpersonal communications class and the teacher was talking about reciprocal* sth sth theory, which means that a relationship can only go into the next level if 1 person moves towards the next level. I totally agree.

If the world isn't what it is now, what will it be like? If social customs were different, would my morals be different? If I was brought up in a different place, different family, will I be more open about things? In 20 years' time, will things which are unacceptable be 司空见惯? My decisions and principles are based mostly on how I've been raised, how I've been taught. How much of what I have actually comes from me? If I was indoctrinated, like those people in Brave New World, with ridiculous propanganda messages, I'm sure I'll believe them. Is there a fixed set of principles that is in the human brain before any messages from the world pollutes it? If humans babies were put in a completely new environment, isolated from the world, what sort of moral system will they develop? Are the morals today tried and true morals from history or are they just part of the evolutionary process? Sorry.. All these questions sprouted from that Brave New World book.. Need to pen/ blog them down before I forget them or they drive me crazy.

It's late. I need my 8h of sleep (maybe I need more, my Psyc book is not telling me how much i need). Nite.

Sunday, 23 October 2005

la jolla coves

chocolate nemos

chocolate leaves and penguins

a cave.. my roommate says it reminds her of the harry potter cave in the 6th book

nice grass

cool display

birds on the rocks

window shopping.. too expensive
me in a nice alley

I give up on this blogger photo uploading template. My text always disappear when I upload photos, don't know what's wrong with it.

I realised that if I put up a lot of pictures, people will just look at the pictures and not read what I write, which is a good thing, cos it gives me more freedom to write junk.. so, I'm going to post more pictures.. =)

Star Wars..

People who paid $28 to get freaked out at Knott's Scary Farm.

Crazy patients

Freaky woman

Monkey man

Saturday, 22 October 2005

Knott's Scary Farm

Went there last night.. Took forever to get there.

General feelings: Long lines. Too many people. I've never encountered so many people in a theme park before. And it really makes a difference who I go out with, makes it even more important to go on holidays with people with the same interests.. Ghost town was scary, especially the first time we walked through when I didn't know what to expect. Walking through the fog, which is almost opague, and a tall, big size guy, dressed in torn and ragged clothes, with a ghastly face, jumps out suddenly in front of me, is shocking and scary. But not scary like I'm scared out of my wits. The show was good.. funny. The first ride was good cos all the monsters picked on me. Haha. And got pretty freaked when we got off the ride, thought we were free from monsters when one came from behind, one popped out in front, and the one behind started chasing us. But well, I paid $25 to get spooked.

Then went for the mazes. Was still quite hyped up though the lines were loong. Things kept coming and trying to scare us. I was deciding between screaming when I see a monster poking his face at me or smiling sweetly and say Hi. Well I chose to react. The first maze was good, I liked the music and the fairy-tale-ish settings, even though things were popping out everywhere to scare us, the decor was really good. The second one, the asylum, I didn't like it, it was bloody, gory, gross.. Somehow crazy hospitals freak me out. I shut off on the decor after a while and concentrated on walking and not banging into crazy docs, nurses and patients. More mazes after that, liked the high school one, even though I didn't really think I'll like it, cos I don't like seeing scary things happening in a familiar setting, but this was fun, cos they had funky music, and come on, how dark can a high school get? Worst thing that happened to us was queue for the log ride for more than half an hour and the ride broke down.

After a while, ok, like after midnight, i got tired, sleepy and sian diao.. when monsters come, I'll be like, orh ok.. I know you're coming already, don't try to scare me cos I'm not scared any more. Left park at 1.50am, 10min before it closed. Was glad that Alana sat in front cos I'll definitely have fallen asleep, and I wouldn't like to fall asleep next to the driver at night. And yup I did fall asleep and woke up to hear Chinese music. Yay. Listening to Jay Chou's songs reminded me of.. hmm, Shane, cos he always plays them. Then, JJ's song reminded me of Zpop concert.. so nice..

Totally unrelated stuff below..
When I first meet someone, I go on testy, might be warmer or colder than usual.. And always hoping that I'll like the person and the person will like me. Sometimes when I meet someone and get to know the person, I'll like the person very much and I'll feel like, it's really nice knowing you and when can I see you again? I take in very inaccurate first impressions, don't know if that has changed now. Sometimes I meet a someone and I'll feel that.. omg I have to be stuck with this person for how long again? That's really rare cos I don't really care but it happens.

Tests here are not a test of how well you know your concepts but how careful you are. I almost missed my A because of not drawing lone pairs and drawing acids when he asked for a compound with 1 oxygen.

Wednesday, 19 October 2005

"a 1-year-old walks into a wall and falls. He gets up and walks into the wall again and falls again. He doesn't do it again. What is he doing? He is forming a hypothesis, doing experiment, repeating experiment, and getting a conclusion. Science is natural to everyone"

Labratted today as a psych expt subj.. Got a pok yoyo as a souvenir. Some expt where they gave me $20 and I was left with $5 by the time it ended. And then all I could do with the $5 was "buy" the pok yoyo. Ok. Quite amused by it all.

Wandered around.. got a minor declaration form. Need time to focus and really think what I want to do. Played today, I suck, my fingers hurt a bit now. Tried guitar yesterday, I suck. Oh yeah, the school looks so different at night. The Giesel one-way windows become transparent both ways.

I'm going to be charged a late fee. Again.

I need plans.

Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Nemo! swimming..

Saturday, 15 October 2005

Look good? Was surprisingly simple to make..

Ok.. Whatever's below has nothing to do with that top picture at all.

Went out for dinner tonight. Vietnamese food. Food was fine. I still don't like eating random uncook grass. Dinner conversations were as usual, intellectual and arrow-shooting, but it's fun. People looked tired. Side effects of school. Cake was really good. Ice cream cake. yay. Blew an imaginary candle. Haha. Anyway the best part was, I got a Nemo!! A huge non-pirated Nemo. Bigger than the one Brian bought at EuroDisney. Don't know if it's just a coincidence or they knew I wanted a huggable soft toy. Nemo really made my day.

Anyway, was looking through the catalog today and I really think I should do the ICAM minor, even though it's really not very useful. Especially since I probably won't play any more or record any more after I get back. EL700 will be way outdated. I really like the courses. Actually I like a lot of the fine arts courses.

I have a really relax term. Other people's schedules sound very scary..

Don't assume girl.. Listen, observe, know what's going on before you open your big mouth.. But talk when it's necessary too..

Yes Hong King. I need a hk here, but hks probably prefer to explore on their own.. correct me if I'm wrong. and it'll probably be a lot less tiring, cos I can depend on someone else for directions. But I don't want to be a 累赘 (what's the English word for this?) to anyone.

Got my psyc midterm results.. Well, think I met the expectation to do reasonably well. So yay. Jazz dance. Did practices for pirouettes. Got dizzy from spotting. Really don't know how it's supposed to help. And I realised something, actually realised quite a lot of stuff like i'm really stiff, need a lot more abs workout, and stuff like that, and also that I still like dance. Whatever happened didn't traumatise me.. When I stopped dancing, well, I can confirm now that it's not because I lost interest, but because I suck at it and pple didn't respond well to my suckiness. Guess I should have figured out earlier and took dance classes earlier.. Should really thank sihan and jasmine for introducing me to jazz and bringing the joy of dancing back to me.

Saw a lab here for the first time today. It's new, and bright. I would like that environment. And I realised how strategically located my dorm is, so near to the chem and bio..

Been overeating. Definitely overeating. and still have loads of dining points left over. I shall stop going supermarkets. Had 2 slices of cheesecake today. It was really good. If not I would never have taken 2. Haha. Had grilled fish too. Rare to get fish. Will need to detox soon.

Let's see, I called Sunny and xuxu this week. Skyped with Andy. Was about to call some people in Singapore today when my phone run out of batt. Also because I forgot how to call overseas. Haha.

It's late, and I'm not thinking sensibly enough to blog. Going to sleep. Oh yeah, we played a bit of volleyball just now, at midnight. Crazy huh.

Wednesday, 12 October 2005

11th Oct 2005

First thing I did at 12.01am, study brain structure. How interesting. Cos I had a Biopsych midterm exam on the day.

A good birthday on the whole. Got plenty of wishings from Singapore friends and 2 paper cards. One of them came in a purple envelope. Haha. Got a UCSD bear from my roommate. She's right, I'll never spend money to buy a UCSD bear for myself. I should just not study any more tonight, even though I should get my Chem done and Linguistics read. I'll just wake up freakily early tmr. Back to 11Oct. Went to Warren, and picked up leaves again. The Warren leaves are just so much fresher than the Revelle ones. So I picked up beautiful red leaves on my birthday. Psyc exam was fine, left feeling like how i felt after my music theory exam, which isn't exactly a good thing, considering how careless I was on my theory exam. Went BJs with suitemates and guys upstairs to dinner. Waited forever forever for the bus, and even longer (an hr +) for them to get us seats and serve us.. Food was fine, dessert was good, but still think that the kookie pie thing was better. So no cake no candles, just ice cream with cookies. That'll do too. Walked back to school in the cold. Not very cold but cold enough to make me shiver. Anyway all these are not the main points of my post..

I need some plan in my life. Plan for my undergrad life, plan for the future. I feel like time and opportunities are just slipping away cos I'm not ready for stuff. What are my goals? What should I have done before the end of my undergrad? I can only be an undergrad once.. Now's the only time I can be a blur freshie and ask anyone innocently any stupid question under the sun and not be thought of as a dumbo. Should I be focusing on what I'm supposed to do in the future? Or should I continue exploring different fields? There are so many things i want to do.. would I get to do them? Am I planning too much, should I just shun qi zi ran?

Things which I really want to do:
1. comm service that doesn't really have to do w old pple
2. play something! bass, piano, whatever, just play something
3. go traveling.. san diego, cali, everywhere.. i haven't even checked if there're cows in the zoo
4. basically do sth useful besides studying n sleeping

Scholarship boards are usually very accurate in choosing who they want to give the scholarship to.. so they must have seen something in me. I wonder what. Scholars I know are all exceedingly smart, if that's possible, at least those of my batch and seniors here. Reading the mails batchmates send to each other makes me wonder what am I doing here amongst the brilliance. Only excuse I can find is that I'm on a quarter system and haven't reached whatever they're discussing yet. Everyone, all the geniuses, is struggling under the heavy loads. I wonder what I'm doing here, blogging every day, spending at least half an hour every day on skype or phone or MSN conversations. Is my head too big for my own good or I'm just taking a extremely light load?

Med sch. Do I really not want to be a doctor? Is this whole "I shouldn't be a doc cos I'm not committed to it" just my excuse for not taking the whole heavy course and not daring to take the great adventure and selfishness of not wanting to help people? Am I going into research purely because of what the govt has been drilling into my head and the opportunity has just laid itself in front of me? What would I be doing if I had left after Os? What would I be doing if I've thought abt being a doc? Would I be in NUS looking at dead bodies now? What would I be doing if I didn't get this scholarship? Would I be here? What is it that really suits me? Should I even bother to find answers to these questions or should I just take the path that has been planned for me?

One good thing abt being in this campus.. think i've mentioned this before, I walk alone a lot.. Gives me time to think, to reflect, to laugh at myself and kick myself for being dumb. Some things I've discovered abt myself.. I must shop alone to buy something.. I'll buy sth that I like almost immed after I see it if I know I'm not likely to see it again.. Walking alone also gave me freedom to go to places that my friends havn't been to.. and they're always surprised that I know the way. Open ur eyes people, notice what's around u.. Went to Warren today. Spent 10 Dining points on birthday cards.. I'm so grateful to those pple whom I'm sending bday cards to, cos they gave me a chance to use my Dining points. Today is the 3rd continuous day when I didn't eat at my own dining hall. Donated 6pts away on Monday to Katrina victims and I still have 20 more pts than what I ought to have now.

Wish I could get out of campus more.. Currently don't dare to wander off beyond where I know, which is very limited, alone.. So I have to find pple who are willing to get lost with me.. There are such people, but i think they agreed only cos they don't know exactly how lost we might get.

Will do my socialising on friday. Need to make a presentation on Mon for my communications class. I'm going to talk abt blogs.

1 last question to myself. Would I be blogging the same way if I don't know who's reading?

Sunday, 9 October 2005

That's a pro grafitter's work.

Turning red.

Fallen leaves

Sunset which we almost missed. Actually can be considered missed already. This is the only proper photo I have.

Pretty shot.

Crowd going crazy with Yellowcard. Yellowcard's good. Oh this is the free concert at Fallfest. I fell asleep during the rap part, all i know is that DJ quik kept asking the sound pple to turn the house music up.

Grafitti. My roommate drew this. Good right? I coloured the beak.

My work.

Friday, 7 October 2005

I'm so free nowadays that I'm always blogging. Also because computers and Internet is so available.

Jazz dance. Rocks. I'm bad at imitation, not the first time I notice, but I did quite ok I think. Felt quite weird breaking all the rules. Kept getting mixed up with ballet. When she made us do prep for jazz pirouettes, the first thing I did was go into passe releve. Actually that's probably a wrong description of the position, cos all the dances share names. After all they're just words in French, like tendus, ronde de jambe, plies, hope my spellings are correct. Even after staring at the words for 1.5 mths, I still can't spell them. Fun, but I know it's going to get a lot more difficult very fast and I won't be able to catch up soon.. And yeah, I'm aching. Ouch.

Toga party last night. Revelle should just forget about throwing parties. Always terrible. Bad music. Everyone was supposed to wear a toga, and they gave out big plastic bags where you just have to cut a hole in it and wear as a toga.

Woke up 15min before my class starts today. Managed to get there on time. Yay.

Crashed a game theory lecture today. Crashed it without knowing what lect it is. The prof actually gave the question about the 3 boxes with the grand prize thing that kept the Singaporeans debating for the whole night the other time. He didn't give the answer though. I didn't really pay attention to him anyway, since I was studying for vectors quiz and I left halfway to go ask about my bills. Should crash another lect another day.

Maths quiz. 2 questions. My first quiz here. People finished in 5 min. It's very very distracting that pple who finished early can leave, stress. Next time I'll sit in front, or next to the wall. Super simple, plucked straight out of tutorial question.

Went I-cafe. German food today. Very good sausage. Salad. Sour cabbage (don't know what name, didn't like it). Hard brownie. Lemonade. But the point is that I met these pple from a cell bio lab, cool pple, French and Jap and Americans, and this French guy said he wanted to go Singapore to work. And I asked him if he heard of Astar and he said yeah, and he wanted to go IMCB. haha. Might just go again next week.

Then walked down lib walk where it's some sort of cca fest going on. Put my name down for Golden Key com service, whatever that is. Sort of psycho-ed into it. Then I finally signed up for pep band. There's actually a chance that I can play. They say they'll put me on a trolley. Haha. But I'm ponning the first meeting/ prac. And signed up for another thing that has something to do with helping children in San Diego. And got a sticker saying "no room in my heart for prejudice".

Going for Fallfest later. Hope there's good music. Fridays rock.

Thursday, 6 October 2005

Been blogging 流水帐 lately. Should add more substance into it.

Summary of interesting stuff that's been happening.
1. My psychology professor brought 2 human brains to class. Cool. Not sheep or pig, human.
2. I walked around campus collecting freshly fallen red maple leaves. But my preservation skills not very good, spoilt some already. And dirtied Sang yu's calculus book a bit. People must think I'm mad. Well, red maple leaves are special to me.
3. My friend wants to write happy birthday to me on the Revelle anchor on my birthday. That's so cool, if she does it.
4. There's a tree in school with folded paper cranes hanging from it. I tried folding paper cranes today during Maths lecture and failed miserably. Can't seem to make the flat body. My version has sharp bodies.
5. I will have my first quiz this week and my first midterm next week, on my birthday. I haven't started studying for either one.
6. My jazz dance class starts tmr.
7. Made personalised magnets today for washing machine and dryer. Mine is a leaf shaped thing. Quite pretty until this guy came over and took it and smudged the glitter all over.
8. I still have no plans for winter break.
9. I'm honoured that I'm included.
10. I had great free sundae today, 2 huge scoops, vanilla and cookies and cream, with banana slices, hershey's chocolate, twix, marshmellows, all sorts of nuts.. delicious
11. I cooked dumplings today, meaning put the frozen ones in boiling water and boil them. Xinyi just said that Singaporeans here don't have a prob with Freshman 15. i'm not very sure abt it.
12. I'm still not struggling with school work yet and I told the heads so.

Tuesday, 4 October 2005

Had THE dinner of the year tonight. The big treat from visiting officials. At a fancy restaurant in downtown La Jolla, which is a really rich area with a great view of the sea. Food was of course, good. There wasn't a single thing which didn't taste good, and that's really rare nowadays. School food, there's usually at least one thing that tastes bad. I had some fish wrapped in paper.. with the juices and spices all wrapped up nicely in the paper. Of course the paper is not for eating. With rice and asparagus. Nice. Oh forgot to mention about appetiser, got mussels and clams, crabcakes (very very good), pita + cheese, and bread. Then dessert, I had kookie pie, which is hot chocolate cookie base + chocolate sauce + vanilla ice cream + caramel cracker + whipped cream. Really good. Too bad I couldn't finish it. Too filling. Good.

Talked to people. Met Jin or however you spell his name. Yup he is cute. Charismatic, but I think I need to brush up on my communications skills, cos I have nothing much to talk to him, and he changed his seat halfway to sit with the grads. Haha. Anyway found out that even freshmen in their first quarter can volunteer their services to grads and post-grads and profs. I'll do that soon, I hope.

People are nice. Talked to Shannon and Josephine for a while. They asked the undergrads to look after me. =) But seems like most people are more interested in grads than freshies.. that's absolutely fine with me, cos I don't like attention, especially since I was like the only undergrad there on time. And again, people are nice, Canyon Park pple has just invited me for dinner tomorrow. But I a bit bu hao yi si go.. might just cook my own stuff tmr.

"Don't be hampered by the 3.8, take the courses which you're interested in."
"Can I borrow your notes?" Erps.. think my notes not that up to standard..
"Any problems?" "No problem, no problem"
"The Maths dept is the most dressed down." I totally agree. My prof wears T-shirts every day. All the TAs I've seen wear shorts. And everyone was dressed up yesterday. All the guys, non officers I mean, were in shirts.. girls were wearing something decent.
"He said he can have 20 dishes on his menu if he opens a restaurant." Haha, now everyone knows what a great cook Kenny is.

Monday, 3 October 2005

My fridge.. Of course I didn't draw this.. I can't draw.

Steamed chicken + rice + cabbage. Rice was kind of oily from the chicken fats, but rice tasted good. Chicken was tasteless, cos not enough marination.

Cast from Laguna Beach. Whoever they are.. Saw them at the mall.
Here's another one of them

Look at the fans go crazy. Sign on my shirt!!

Sunday, 2 October 2005

Look! Leaves are turning red!

This is the nearest mall. It's an area of shops instead of 1 building of shops. Doesn't really matter since they have lots of land and it never rains.

Cool dolphin fountains at the mall.

The living area of my suite + suitemates. They're standing right next to my door by the way.

Groceries from the supermarket.. taken on the bus.

Saturday, 1 October 2005

Mummy is on MSN now teaching me how to cook. Haha.

I need to buy
1. spoon
2. sesame oil
3. olive oil
4. mitten
5. starch

Went Albertson's yesterday. Was planning to go La Jolla Village Sq to get my Cingular phone fixed, but waited for 20min and the bus still didn't come, so went to UTC instead. Believe it or not, it was my first trip out of school on my own, as in not with the school, on a bus. Took forever to get the phone done, then ate.. I had Indian food. Haha. Then we went to Albertsons, after asking a lot of people for directions. Bought $10 worth of food and stuff, including some eggs. The supermarket plastic bag was so lousy that most of the bags ripped before we even left the carpark.. We had to go ask for paper bags and bag everything again ourselves. Supermarkets here are built for pple with cars. Bags only need to last until people reach their cars. So we walked to the road. The road which we believe where the bus stop is, and saw a shuttle went past. Aaargh! But at least now we know where the shuttle stop is. Amazingly we only waited for 5 min before the next shuttle came. Moral of the story: Always take shuttles, never take buses.. Almost died carrying all the groceries back to our dorms. And 1 of my eggs cracked in the process, making a huge mess. Eew. But it was fun. Getting around using public transport.

I thought I was ulu, never taken public bus in US before. But I'm not much more ulu than the Americans, many of them have never taken any bus other than a yellow schoolbus before..

I should seriously stop being an idiot and make people help me all the time.

Returned my fridge today. This return policy thing rocks. So I returned my 2 week old fridge and got back my $160, and got a 2 years old fridge from seniors for free. I was so surprised that they let me return the fridge, cos I tore off the wrapping, I don't have the box, it's dented in 1 spot where we must have hit when we're moving it.. But they did, so yay, I'm richer now. Then we went to Ranch to eat. Food's good, they give a lot, and it's not expensive. Then more groceries shopping. I bought fresh food, like chicken and cabbage and tomato. Going to try cooking in my rice cooker and microwave soon.. So exciting.

Everyone's studying. Making me feel bad for rotting away.. People wake up at 8.30am on a Sat to study, when they slept at 2/ 3 am the previous night. And will probably stay up and study/ play till 3am tonight. I'll never be one of them.. But I'll never know. Maybe next term I'll be doing this too. :S scary..

I ought to be nicer. Much nicer.