Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Alcohol under the Microscope

That's Pina Colada, dried out, and viewed under microscope. Very peacock-ish.

More pictures here. I can almost see some sort of character associated with different alcohols. Tequila is angular. Champagne looks softer and classier. Sake is warm and bold.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Mission in the Mix

Never thought i'll say this, but I'm learning quite a bit from America's Next Top Model. How to make yourself look tall, how to shoot daggers with your eyes, what to do with your mouth etc. Comes in handy during dance

Talking about dance, Soul Force is amazing. They can use their bodies and faces.. in so many styles. And none of them esoteric. I've watched them 3 times and want to watch them more.

Mission in the mix has been a good experience. To go through it with people as clueless as I am is great. It was great to learn a dance that well and show it and not just do it. The teacher's fantastic and her assistants are so much fun. Now i'm gushing positive words.

Can't wait to go home