Saturday, 25 April 2009


Apr 15
Applied: 9
Accepted: 4
Rejected: 3
Gave up: 2

It's the day where u know for sure u didn't get in. Where an impt decision that affects ur career is made. When u have a clearer inkling of what life's like for the next 5++ years.

I hate how everything's so transient in our life. It's 3 years somewhere, a year somewhere else, another 5 years somewhere different, and back. The only good thing is prob that if you get tired of a place, u can see an end to it.

Peiling claims that there's sadness in my laughs. Is that possible? I'm an inherently sad person?

Instincts were right. The female spidey sense picked it up. Either I didn't want to listen to spidey or I was genuinely confused. Irritatingly confusing. A phrase that's catchy enough to make a song.
2 days to get over it.
Not fighting it.
Then life goes on and i can continue being idiotic/ moronic.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

xh thinks i'm "happy, cool and weird"
same to u xh, especially the weird part

I nv knew that andrea's a quarter indian.. cool