Saturday, 21 February 2009

Hello from LA

Yay for free wi-fi. I'm trying not to fall asleep by being online.

I can't help considering cancelling my UK trip. Traveling is tired, and boring. And i wonder if I'm wasting my time and energy going there. Will see how.

Sat next to this Singaporean who's a tour guide in Japan on my way to Narita. Makes me want to be a tour guide again. Also want to visit Japan. Some day.

The trick is to write the song when I'm feeling it. It helps take the feeling away, and also I'll get a good song. So far I have loads of feelings and zero songs. Let's see if the alien song materializes before the end of the trip.

Ok. going for lunch.

Thursday, 19 February 2009


It’s always at periods like this when I have to prepare for an interview or write a personal statement that I think of why it is that I’m doing science. Science shouldn’t be about gathering enough data to publish. Publishing should be a by-product of the bigger aim to do good and save the world. We put that in our presentations, papers, oh my work is going to cure cancer and save the world. How many of us really believe that what we’re doing is significant, in the grand view of things? I know that I’ve forgotten that my goal is more than getting a paper out.

Of course I’m just being idealistic. Science, like every other thing in this capitalist world, is about convincing people to give you money for something you have. And to get money, you have to rush for papers. The world’s going to end soon. Save it while we can.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

So I've been using the word 'so' too much. It appeared in almost every sentence in my presentation. I've been in a very tensed state for the past, let's see, a week or so. No idea why. Just uptight, highstrung, ready to explode. Bunny was going to diagnose me with anorexia cos I'm not eating much, though it's not like she eats much more than I do. I was thinking that if this goes on, I'll probably die of hypertension before 3 weeks are over.. But it stopped, thankfully. I still have no idea what the cause of stress is. Whatever, I'm tired.

song that's stuck in my head.. among others:
"love love love love love, love love, makes the world go round"
it's from powerpuff. i should watch powerpuff again some time. kindergarten kids are cute.

Friday, 13 February 2009