Monday, 23 July 2012


my taste in music has changed, evolved, matured?

a few years ago i had a post about why I like a song. If i didn't remember wrongly, the criteria were good melody, something clever/ complex like unexpected key changes, compound time and i don't remember what the last one is

最近很喜欢听五月天的歌。可能是因为他们的歌具备了以上的条件,但我更觉得我喜欢五月天是因为他们的真诚。我能感觉到他们的high, 他们的真心,他们的用心,他们的努力。听了这么多年的歌,终于明白什么是唱出了感情,终于明白歌曲最终的用意。

Here are some of the songs that 让我感触良多, ones that inspire me.
1. 最初的梦想 --  范玮琪
2. 给未来的自己 -- 梁静茹
3. 我飞故我在 -- 林俊杰,张靓颖
4. Make you feel my love -- Adele

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