Monday, 9 July 2012

Went to a SF symphony summer concert, symphony with a circus. Very entertaining. They played familiar classical favourites like Flight of Bumblebee, 1812, William Tell, movie themes like Star Wars, Superman, pop songs from the Beatles, they even played my favourite Sorceror's Apprentice. I thought that I'll be moved by drama of 1812 or the excitement of Star Wars, or the suspense in Sorceror's Apprentice, but what really touched me was from the Beatles. A descending bass, the progression that is so familiar.. I wonder if the descending bass has the same effect on everyone, or is it just me. Is it instrinsic to this progression? Or is my response an acquired one due to previous encounter with this?

I wish things don't have to move in riddles, that moves don't have to be loaded with intentions. I wish my mice will just tell me what I need to know, cells will behave, shRNAs can knock down proteins and Southern blots will work. Wishes.

Mission in the Mix. My 3rd and maybe final year. I love it. It's the highlight of the summer. Love the friendships that form through the process. Love how 16 year olds can get along with 40 year olds. It's here that ages don't matter, shapes, sizes, race, sexual inclinations all makes no difference. We are friends with everyone. All you need is an enthusiasm for dance and performance, you don't even have to be good.

Micaya.. An inspiration in my life. Looking so elegant at her age. Teaching hip hop at that age. I want to be this active when I'm 50. She's the one who tells us to be generous, to give everything we have to the audience. You're only on stage for that 10min, there's no replay, undo, regrets. Give it all. It's ok to be imperfect, audiences like real people, they like to be able to relate to the dancers. This is the time to be real. I tend to be someone else instead. Is the person on stage the real me? Idk. But I do lose many inhibitions onstage, it's a show, I can be vulnerable for 10min and show you faces and attitudes that don't normally make it out of me. The same thing I do for giving talks. It's like putting on a show. For an hour, I don't have to be the usual me, I can pretend to be a good speaker, friendly, sociable, funny, whatever and give a good talk.

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